Ann Christin Elverum's (gender switched) Pontus Pilate was stunning both visually and vocally (especially that final high note. Praise the Lord).

(Broadwayworld Norway, 04.03.2019)


Ann Christin Elverum as Baroness von Waldstätten recently joined the cast and aces the strong-voiced part. Her "Gold von den Sternen" causes show stopping applause and goose bumps in Duisburg as well.

(, 23.10.2016)

"Schließ dein Herz in Eisen ein" (Marc Clear), "Gold von den Sternen" (Ann Christin Elverum) and "Wie wird man seinen Schatten los?" (Oedo Kuipers) are stirring songs that are performed flawlessly by their soloists.

(, 22.10.2016)

Ann Christin Elverum plays Mozart's advocate and trusty supporter, Baroness von Waldstätten. With "Gold von den Sternen" one of this musical's best known songs falls to her. In addition to the vocal aspect she succeeds in letting the whole song seem like a story. She accomplishes to subtly criticize Leopold's style of education through a strong but rather tender interpretation. Really suitable for a baroness.

(Musical1, 22.10.2016)

The cast was first-rate. In the part of Mozart shone Oedo Kuipers, whose voice was equally as impressive as that of Marc Clear (Mozart's father Leopold), Anna Hofbauer (wife Constanze) as well as Ann Christin Elverum (Baroness von Waldstätten).

(RP Online, 24.10.2016)

Concert "Musical Fireworks"

four fantastic soloists [...] Ann Christin Elverum was brilliant on stage and delivered a fantastic version of "The Wizard and I" from the musical Wicked.

(, September 1st 2013)


Ann Christin Elverum [...] has a great voice.

(, April 21st 2013)

Elverum sings beautifully.

(, April 21st 2013)

Les Misérables (Tromsø)

The remaining parts have been cast outstandingly as well: Ann-Christin Elverum moves the audience in the role of poor Fantine

(, September 6th 2012)

Elisabeth (Tour)

Countess Esterhazy, played by Ann Christin Elverum, vocally dominates the duet "Eine Kaiserin muss glänzen"

(, April 21st 2012)

The ensemble [...] proved from the very beginning that the people in power paid attention to quality at the auditions. [...] Ann Christin Elverum as Countess Esterhazy and Martin Pasching as Count Grünne have to be pointed out especially. Both actors succeeded in wowing the audience with both their ensemble and solo appearances.

(, January 22nd 2012)


Ann Christin Elverum stands out as the wonderfully tap-dancing Gumbie Cat

(, January 10th 2011)

Ann Christin Elverum sings her (unfortunately way too short) solo parts as Gumbie Cat gorgeously


With Ann Christin Elverum as Gumbie Cat, another artist with long lasting musical theatre experience has been cast. Her enthusiasm and wonderful voice add even more drive to the tap-dancing cat than the character already has.


German interview: "On Tour as a Cat" (musicals Juni/Juli 2011)

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Interview Interview Interview

Into the Woods

Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum was especially confident and vocally perfect as the Witch.

(Göttinger Tageblatt, Nov 1st 2010)

The actors, all cast to the point in their respective roles, continuously perform with incredible energy [...] Almost all of the nearly 20 roles have been cast with guest performers, among them some well-known names. Ann Christin Elverum plays the Witch who's beyond good and evil. Her voice unfolds brilliantly during the song "Last Midnight".

(, November 1st 2010)

Ann Christin Elverum is superior as Rapunzel's bossy mother, the witch. She probably symbolizes all mothers who can't let go of their children or even want to be their purpose in life. Those who know Ann Christin Elverum from her other parts - such as Marguerite in "The Scarlet Pimpernel", Fantine in "Les Miserables", Queen Anne in "3 Musketiere" or Florence in "Chess" - will see a whole new side of her in "Into The Woods". You can't find the slightest fault with her technique.


Ann Christin Elverum's singing voice is gorgeous.

(musicals, December 2010)

Ann Christin Elverum as the Witch seems to have been arisen directly from a whole collection of fairytales. She delivers a complex portrait: She's convincing as both the crooked old sorceress who drives the baker and his wife into the woods by rapping and as the beautiful woman who has lost her magic powers. The Norwegian is also strong as the misguided mother who imprisons Rapunzel to tie the girl to herself. With "Last Midnight" and "Lament" the Witch sings some of the most beautiful songs of the musical - Elverum interprets them with her strong voice and great intensity.

(Da Capo, January 2011)

...extraordinarily enthusiastic actors [...] the musical enthrals with a lot of wit, intoxicating performances and great music


Radio F Musical night

The undisputed highlight at the Stadttheater Fürth is certainly the Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum, whose professional routine and artistic imagination go well together. Elverum turns the reflective ballad "God help the Outcasts" from Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" into a non-gradable prayer. The duet between Empress Elisabeth and Death becomes a brilliant slugfest where Alexander Herzog surpasses himself, too.

(Nürnberger Nachrichten, May 25th 2009)

New Year's Day concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra Essen 2009

And when a brilliant singer like Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum sings the title song of "Goldfinger" and later the "Titanic" hit "My Heart Will Go On" the audience's hearts are possibly beating a little faster.

(DerWesten, January 2nd 2009)

Ann Christin Elverum convinced with voice and range. [...] Probably the most emotional moment of the New Year's Day concert 2009 was brought to the audience by Ann Christin Elverum with James Horner's "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie "Titanic". She was in no way inferior to the famous version by Celine Dion, she convinced with a voluminous voice and touched with a soulful interpretation.

(, January 5th 2009)

3 Musketiere (Stuttgart)

All the parts have also been cast well [...] Ann Christin Elverum as Queen Anna and Peter Stassen as her slightly silly husband are a beautiful couple. Sadly, Ann Christin Elverum isn't allowed to prove all her vocal abilities in the role of Anna. Nevertheless, she showed an excellent voice and interpretation during her few singing parts.


Ann Christin Elverum['s] strongest moment happens with the emotional outbreak of the queen during "Kein geteiltes Leid". Calm and sad in the beginning, she works herself up into true desperation in the course of the song. [...] Milady de Winter and Queen Anna are (maybe only because of these two strong performers) the only characters of the show where you can go past the surface and provoke something like sympathy.


Ann Christin Elverum (Queen Anna) sings terrificly

(musicals, December 2006 / January 2007)

Ann Christin Elverum manages her only big solo with ease and a big vocal volume.


Ann Christin Elverum plays Queen Anna excellently. Both her clear singing voice and her dramatic acting are on the highest level.


Musicalfriends help Olgäle (Esslinger Zeitung)

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Esslinger Zeitung

3 Musketiere (Berlin)

[Kristin Hölck's] old part as Queen Anna has been taken over by Ann Christin Elverum, known from the old days of "Les Misérables". She's a confident queen next to Hans Piesbergen as Ludwig XIII.

(DaCapo, May 2006)

The strong ladies' epee piece
Lady de Winter (Kristin Hölck) [...] Constance (Sabrina Weckerlin) [...] Anna (Ann Christin Elverum), the queen [...] voice power of the three singers


Ann Christin Elverum's portrayal of Queen Anna seemed warm and generous, she received showstopping applause for her stirring interpretation of her solo "Kein geteiltes Leid".


Det gjærer i Borg

Ann Christin Elverum makes it big in Europe - now she sparkles in the musical "Det gjærer i Borg" in Sarpsborg [...] elegant brewery-diva [...] glitters on stage - she carries the show together with Stephen [...] Ann Christin Elverum is in a legaue of her own, with a godsent voice and it's pure joy to listen to the duets between her and Stephen Hansen. [...] it is international quality over Ann Christin Elverum [...] and then we have the pros.... Ann Christin Elverum is back in Norway after many years abroad. The inhabitants of Sarpsborg should express pride over having such a complete musical actress in their rows. Together with Stephen, she lifts the performance to where it should be. She sings beautifully, she radiates - and, possibly, radiated the grey skies away on opening night, she acts as well as she can sing, her diction is perfect and her body language fits perfectly to her character's experience and difference between her "director-father" and "worker-boyfriend"

(SA and FA, August 13 2005)


Two men, Jonathan Harker und Dracula, who couldn't be more different both adore the beautiful and intelligent Mina. Ann Christin Elverum captivates the audience in this part with crystal-clear singing with goose-flesh factor. Unfortunately, she also suffers from the much too weak songs. Only "Lebenstraum" in the first act where she has to realize her difficult emotions and has to decide between her fiancé and the attractive Dracula gets stuck in one's memory. The song with the most "hit potential" is also sung by Ann Christin Elverum: "Lass mich dich nicht lieben" (Please don't make me love you) once more describes the emotional problems of the young Mina.

(Blickpunkt Musical, May / June 2005)

It's different with the women. They themselves turn into a vamp when being in contact with the vampire. It happens fast with the easygoing Lucy whose transmutation to an undead is played impressingly by Caroline Vasicek; the more emotional Mina has to fight an inner fight first. Therefor Ann Christin Elverum has a lot to offer, sensitive and desperate tones, virginal tenderness and aggressive eroticism.

(Der Landbote, April 25th 2005)

The leads Thomas Borchert as Dracula, Ann Christin Elverum as Mina and Jesper Tydén as Jonathan sing emotively, supported by the St. Gallen symphony orchestra under the direction of Koen Schoots.

(Neue Zürcher Zeitung, April 25th 2005)

Ann Christin Elverum can achieve a very high presence as Mina. "ACE", as she's sometimes shortened, is pleased about the fact that in St.Gallen she has more time to regenerate between the shows compared to her last part in "Les Misérables" in Berlin as well as about finally having a part where she can be a little wicked.

(DaCapo, May 2005)

However, his first victim was Lucy, played by Caroline Vasicek. Her voice and acting were simply stunning. The same applies to Ann Christin Elverum who embodies Mina Harper. The second victim! She portrayed Mina's internal struggle totally convincingly. Mina tries to resist Dracula for quite a long time and begs him several times to "release" her and to stop telling her his thoughts but when van Helsing, Jonathan, Arthur, Quincey and Jack leave to find and kill Dracula she gives up resistance and invites Dracula, whereby she saves him from his haunters. From this moment on she falls for him more and more and is even all set to stay with him forever in the end.


Jesus Christ Superstar in concert

As the female highlight, Ann Christin Elverum set the part of Mary Magdalene to music

(DaCapo / December 2004)

Jesus Christ Superstar returned to the Colosseum for one night: Not with the cast from 2000 but with fantastic singers from the Elisabeth production. [...] The show was effective without gleam and glitter. It is reduced to the voices and the performances - indicated gesture, gripping facial expression. The goose bumps effect doesn't get less strong. [...] During "Everything's alright" the tension between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was perceptible: The performers Jesper Tydén, known as "Death" in Essen's musical "Elisabeth", and Ann Christin Elverum look each other deeply in the eye. Later, the former Elisabeth-actress sings with passion: "I don't know how to love him."

(WAZ / Essen, Nov.25th 2004)

Ann Christin Elverum as "Mary Magdalene" was alone among men and she did not only manage to free "Jesus" from his fears and to cool him down after his nightmare, the audience also relaxed noticably during her ballads. Highlight of the evening was "I don't know how to love him" where you could have heard a needle drop. In her warm voice the astonishment and the desperation was really noticeable when Mary Magdalene admitted to herself that Jesus was different from all the other men and that she did not simply want and need him but utterly loved him.

(That's musical)

"Acclaimed musical evening"

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Umjubelter Musical-Abend

Les Misérables

The suffering Fantine is played wonderfully by Ann-Christin Elverum. She struggles so credibly for her child that it is painful to watch!


And everything without an accent in perfect German! It is pleasant that Stage Holding cares about that for which Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum as Fantine is proof. She sings her solo "I dreamed a dream" with a beautiful voice.

("musicals", October / November 2003)

However, Kroeger is in excellent company. Ann Christin Elverum plays a very vulnerable Fantine worth protecting, whose worries not to do justice to the part are totally unfoundeds. She masters the demanding song "Ich hab geträumt" ("I dreamed a dream") marvellously and touches the audience deeply.

("blickpunkt musical", November / December 2003)

Valerie Link performes her part of Cosette without problems but in charisma, she falls a bit behind Ann Christin Elverum who can even elicit some tears from the audience.

("Da Capo", October 2003)

Ann Christin Elverum has won warmth and softness and turns Fantine into a tragical character who awakes the pity of the audience. [...] I myself think A.C. Elverum is more than convincing. [...] However, her performance on opening night was perfect. She plays Fantine's decay impressivly. The more her misery grows, the more you can also recognise Fantine's state of health in her voice. She plays Fantine's death with tears in her eyes.


The female parts are casted perfectly: Ann Christin Elverum as Fantine is very expressive; her "Ich hab' geträumt" ["I dreamed a dream"] gets under the skin.

(Musicals unlimited)

The leading ladies Ann Christin Elverum (Fantine), Vera Bolten (Eponine) and Valerie Link (Cosette) were all very good. Especially Ann Christin Elverum improves the long (one and a half hour!) first act a lot. [...] Especially Oleh Vynnyk and Ann-Christin Elverum cause deep emotions which stick for a long time. [...] Vera Bolten and Ann Christin Elverum are worth seeing and listening to!


The three female pleads of the musical also received roaring applause: Valerie Link as Cosette, Vera Bolten as Eponine and the Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum in the part of the worker Fantine convinced with voice and acting.

(Konzerte in Berlin)

German interviews and newspaper reports

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BILD Interview Interview Interview Interview

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Ann Christin Elverum, the current Fantine in LES MISÉRABLES in Berlin, was brilliant in the part of Marguerite St. Just because of her convincing voice and acting.

(Musik Theater)

Norwegian Ann Christin Elverum (Marguerite) unites beauty, courage and love. [...] The music and the actors left no desire of the guests and the local opera staff open. It is worth taking the journey to Halle!

("Leipziger Volkszeitung", Febr.20 2003)

Revolutionary spectacle with beautiful songs, a wonderful orchestra and outstanding soloists (Merstein, Elverum, Murray).

(Musicals unlimited)

Ann Christin Elverum, known from "Elisabeth" in Essen and as Fantine in "Les Misérables", plays Marguerite St.Just. She shines with her acting as well as vocally. Her solos are great and her voice bewitches from the first to the last minute. Elverum and Zoltán Tombor earn spontaneous applause for their duett "You are my home" near the end of the second act.

("Da Capo", April 2005)

A truely outstanding example for a musical theatre cast recording: The best German language musical theatre recording in a long time! For everything is right here: A big and great sounding orchestra, passionate and perfect singing without exception (especially Christopher Murray, Ann Christin Elverum and Christoph Goetten), good mix and and and...! ". [...] A must for every collection. Buy it today better then tomorrow! (CD of the month December 2003) Ein wahres Paradebeispiel für eine Musical-CD: Die seit langem beste deutschsprachige Musical-Aufnahme! Denn hier stimmt einfach alles: Großes und hervorragend klingendes Orchester, leidenschaftlicher und durchweg perfekter Gesang (besonders hervorzuheben sind Christopher Murray, Ann Christin Elverum und Christoph Goetten in den Hauptrollen), gute Abmischung und und und...! [...] Ein Muss in jeder Sammlung. Besser heute als morgen kaufen! (CD des Monats Dezember 2003)

(That's musical)

Elisabeth (Essen)

Whenever one of the understudies went on, one noticed how much potential was there to be found. The fantastic performances of Ann Christin Elverum as Elisabeth, Johan Samuelsson as Death and Nico Gaik as Rudolf should be mentioned here.

("musicals", August/September 2003)

Last Friday (14th April 2003) the understudies performed: Ann Christin Elverum as Elisabeth, Martin Pasching as Death and first cast Alex Melcher as Lucheni went on. The cast went astonishingly well together. You would have missed neither Maike Boerdam nor Uwe Kroeger. The charismatic acting captivated the audience very quickly. The whole cast delivered a wonderful performance.

(That's musical)

This part requires a huge range of acting and was decisively shaped by the great Pia Douwes - for many people the only true stage empress! However, her successor in Essen, Maike Boerdam, as well as the understudies Annika Bruhns and Ann Christin Elverum do not have to hide. They were able to detach from the great but surely overwhelming role model and gave their own witty, moving interpretations of the most admired and deeply suffering woman of the 18th century for months.

(Musicals online)

German news report

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